Mobile Doctors 24-7

Chronic Disease Management Program

80% of older adults have at least one chronic disease and 68% have at least two1.

These adults with chronic diseases often struggle to manage their conditions effectively.

Mobile Doctors 24-7’s Chronic Disease Management Program allows patients to be conveniently managed utilizing teleconsultation and telemonitoring.

This is facilitated through 24-7 doctor monitoring of patients’ vitals through remote devices which are integrated with our Electronic Medical Record and Mobile
Application. Our doctors provide a variety of services including early intervention by a direct phone call and on-site services in order to avoid complications and ensure better outcomes for diabetic and hypertensive patients.

1 “Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs | NCOA”. NCOA. 2017. Web.

Chronic Disease Management Program Features

24-7 control center for initial triage and
follow-up support via mobile app and toll-free number

Doctor and nurse


Blood tests/
lab tests

Pharmacy management, (repeat) prescriptions,
medication delivery and reminders

Patient education and

Wellness nutrition and

24-7 access to Electronic
Medical Record

Chronic Disease Management Program Benefits

Reduction of unnecessary
outpatient visits.

Reduction in unnecessary hospital readmissions.

Immediate access. No long waiting hours to speak to a doctor.

Reduction of pharmacy

Reduction in hospital average
length of stay.

Reduction in unnecessary

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