Dr. Umar Farooq

General Physician

Dr. Umar is a dynamic physician at Mobile Doctors 24-7. Graduated in 2005 from Baqai Medical University Karachi, and since then he has worked as a general practitioner after completion of his House Job at Jinnah Hospital Lahore. After completion of House Job, he joined University of Lahore as Demonstrator but continued his general practice side by side. Dr Farooq then completed MPhil in Human Genetics and Molecular Biology from the University of Health Sciences, Lahore.

His general practice continued and he developed skills as physician in treating patients, including treating patients of all ages from children to adults. Later, he joined Butty Polyclinic at Faisalabad where he continued his role of general practitioner. He is a dynamic physician and good in maintaining patient relationship with his remarkable communication skills.