Visiting the doctor’s office has become a burden and an inconvenience. In fact, most people try to self-diagnose and self-treat rather than take a trip to the doctor’s office. Why?

Long waiting hours
Whopping co-payments and hospital bills
Unnecessary tests and medications
Rushed visits

With Mobile Doctors 24-7,

You have access to honest, reliable, convenient and cost-effective care – all at the click of a button! Our doctors will give you honest medical advice based on Evidence Based Medicine. We will tell you the truth about what you need, not what you can afford.

Benefits for Individuals – Healthy, Acute & Chronic

24-7 access to western trained doctors and wellness experts from anywhere in the world via voice/video calls and live chat.

Chronic disease management at your convenience – Repeat prescriptions, 24-7 remote telemonitoring, appointment booking, if required, and medication delivery, where available.

Honest and ethical medical advice based on Evidence Based Medicine for healthy, acute and chronic conditions.

All information shared with Mobile Doctors 24-7 is strictly confidential.

Immediate access. No long waiting hours to speak to a doctor.

4 languages:
English, Arabic, Hindi & Urdu

Customized wellness programs with meal and exercise plans tailored to suit your preferences and abilities.

Free Wi-FI video calls from anywhere
in the world.

Conditions We Can Manage

According to the American Medical Association, over 70% of non-life-threatening conditions could be resolved by speaking to a doctor over the phone. With the help of our western trained doctors, we can manage the following conditions telephonically:


• Cough/Cold

• Sore Throat

• Asthma


• Nausea/ Vomiting

• Abdominal Pain

• Anorectal Problems


• Cuts and Grazes

• Lumps and Bumps

• Allergy/Rash


• Back Pain

• Joint Pain

• Sports Injuries


• Obesity

• Diet Advice

• General Health

Chronic Disease

• High Blood Pressure

• Diabetes

• Thyroid


• Sexual Health

• Urinary Tract Infection

• Thrush


• Conjunctivitis

• Allergic Conditions

• Eyelid Inflammation


• Headache

• Dizziness/Weakness

• Psychiatric Advice


• Nose Bleeds

• Sinus Problems

• Ear Problems


• Pregnancy Advice

• Pre-natal & Post-natal Health

• Pelvic Pain

……. and many more

1Giué, C.J. (2013) The cost reduction and healthcare service benefits of Telemedicine.

How It Works

With Mobile Doctors 24-7, you have access to quality, convenient and quick care starting from the moment you access our physician helpline (via our interactive mobile application called Mobile Doctors 24/7 or toll-free number 800-MD247) to the point of recovery.


Download our mobile application, available on Google Play and App Store – set up your account


Call Mobile Doctors 24-7, anytime, from anywhere in the world for honest medical and wellness advice on your condition


Get a referral, appointment or
medication delivered to your doorstep


Receive a follow-up call. We offer our members continuous support by following up until the point of

MD24/7 Mobile Application

Our integrated and interactive mobile application gives you 24/7 access to our western trained doctors and wellness experts via voice/video calls and live chat.

Download our app today to enjoy many features, including:

  • Reliable and honest medical advice based on Evidence Based Medicine
  • Customized meal and exercise plans based on your preferences and abilities
  • Activity tracking, allowing you to monitor your health and fitness

And more…

We firmly believe that our patients deserve the truth.

See what our members have to say about us.

  • ‎“The care that I received at Mobile Doctors 24-7 was absolutely fantastic. All explanations were clear, ‎and the support from the staff was much superior than I had expected, resulting in a far better ‎experience than I had anticipated. I have to say that I felt more informed and more ‎knowledgeable about my particular healthcare problem”‎

  • ‎“Glad I called Mobile Doctors – it prevented me from self-medicating and perhaps taking the ‎wrong meds! All I needed was cough syrup to get me better!”‎

  • “ MD24-7’s onsite doctors and teleconsultation services really saved me a lot of unnecessarily wasted time waiting in ques in hospitals and trying to find the right doctor. They are well western trained doctors available 24-7 for help and guidance. I personally had bad experience with private hospitals and clinics where they just prescribe as many medications and blood tests as possible just to charge the insurance. This is not the case at all with MD24-7, they just do the needful and what is really required for you. I cordially want to thank MD24-7 and Victory for changing my life . “

    Rhea Castanares
  • “I hope the people in my hometown truly appreciate how fortunate we are to have such a competent and committed staff of professionals like those in Mobile Doctors 24-7. With this experience, I realized that there are people who really care about making a difference, and the world needs more people like those at MD24-7 who put all their heart and soul into their work. Many thanks to each and every one there. You saved my daughter as well as my holiday,”

    Nader Aly