24-7 Population Health Management


Mobile Doctors 24-7 combines next-generation telemedicine, telemonitoring and home health to provide you with immediate access to western trained doctors and wellness experts for healthy, acute and chronic conditions management and advice via voice/video calls, live chat as well as on-site doctor visits and clinics.

Quality Care

Access to reliable and honest medical and wellness advice is just a click away. Our full-time doctors will give you honest medical advice based on NHS International Guidelines.

Convenient Care

Getting better has never been this easy. We will refer you to a specialist, book an appointment on your behalf and deliver medication to your home.

Quick Care

Forget waiting long hours to see a doctor. With Mobile Doctors 24-7, seeing a doctor has never been easier.

Cost-Effective Care

We believe in doing the right thing, which means telling you the truth about what you need, not what you can afford.

Mobile Doctors 24-7

A true healthcare solution.

Mobile Doctors 24/7 Mobile Application

Our integrated and interactive mobile application gives you 24/7 access to our western trained doctors and wellness experts via voice/video calls and live chat.

Download our app today to enjoy many features, including:

  • Reliable and honest medical advice based on Evidence Based Medicine
  • Customized meal and exercise plans based on your preferences and abilities
  • Activity tracking, allowing you to monitor your health and fitness

And more…

We firmly believe that our patients deserve the truth.

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