It’s good to be home.

Mobile Doctors 24-7 has licensed the Johns Hopkins Hospital at Home Program in order to help patients recover more quickly and possibly avoid the common complications of hospital care.

Hospital-level care for chronic & acute patients in the comfort of their home

The Hospital at Home program provides hospital-level care for chronic and acute patients in the comfort of their own home. The patient’s Hospital at Home medical team includes doctors, wellness advisers, nurses and physiotherapist who come to the patient’s home to provide medical care. Diagnostic and therapeutic treatments such as intravenous medicines and other hospital-type services that may be necessary are also provided in the home.

24-7 Hospital at Home Program Features

Mobile app and control center for
initial triage

24-7 medical and wellness
call center

Pharmacy and lab management,
where available

Second opinion from the
comfort of your home

Expedited appointment booking
on your behalf

Wellness and nutrition

24-7 Hospital at Home Program Benefits

High patient
and caregiver satisfaction

Less stress for family

Reduced unnecessary hospital readmissions

Fewer complications
than traditional hospital stays

Reduction in of average
hospital length of stay

Better clinical

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