Getting sick is an inconvenience, but
having access to quality care shouldn’t be.

With Mobile Doctors 24-7, you can have 24-7 access to quality care from anywhere in the world, whether at your home, office, on a business trip or vacation through our bi-directional, integrated and interactive mobile application which gives you access to our western trained doctors and wellness experts who will assist you with your medical and wellness needs. We speak your language whether it is English, Arabic, Hindi or Urdu.

Mobile Application Features

Call Doctor
24-7 access to speak to our western trained doctors to assist & educate you on your medical condition.

Ability to search for providers within one’s network & access one’s insurance details.

Unlimited calls & customized wellness programs, virtual appointment with our wellness experts.

Receive & add medications including type, schedule & dosage and set up alarms for each medication.


Periodic wellness tips based on user conditions & preference.

Deals and Services
Exclusive deals on health & wellness products including best brands.

Keep track of weight, blood sugar readings & average level along with past readings, presented in an easy to read graph.

The built-in appointment feature keeps track of users’ medical & wellness appointments & sends a push notification once an appointment is scheduled.

Cutting-edge, innovative technology

Available on App Store & Google Play

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